001;; a love story in three parts

part one;; september 15, 2012

you told me you loved me then kissed me on the mouth
treated me as though i was fragile and delicate and beautiful
something to be tamed and broken and molded
i didn’t know back then
that i couldn’t be tamed

part 2;; august 8, 2013

i found you in bed with another woman today
i never was good enough for you or anyone else
you yelled at me to wait, that i didn’t understand, that it was a mistake
but the only one making mistakes was me
and i went home and hugged my razorblades and swallowed my poison

part 3;; july 3, 2014

i learned today that you treated me like a raindrop
when you should have treated me like a hurricane
i cannot be tamed—i am stardust and dynamite and wind
i am unbreakable and i will rise from the ashes
for today is the day i learn to love myself without your help (- k. s. s.)